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“Investing in this 'automatic shuttle-feeder' has been a step into a new badminton age.”

The machine can feed all over the court; a drop close to the net, a smash, a flat shot, a pressure shot or a high shot to the baseline.
It is also capable of feeding the shuttle so that you know where it is going (ideal for technique training) or randomly (ideal for physical and reaction training).

The machine runs by a user-friendly operator terminal and provides a variation to training for both the player and the coach.
Notable features of this machine include; the possibility to select one of the pre-programmed training programs, constructing your own program, selecting interval training, adjusting the speed/pressure of the shot as well as the time between the shuttlecocks.

The magazine contains a maximum of 6 dozen shuttlecocks. For non stop feeding - shuttlecocks can be reloaded whilst the machine is still running. This is excellent for defensive training, multi feeding and general physical training.

The shortest possible time between the shuttles is 1,1 seconds, this can be adjusted up to a maximum of 4.0 seconds between the shuttles. The machine is driven by electricity and compressed air. It is made according to industrial norms and will offer many years service with very little maintenance.

For more information regarding the machine, please do not hesitate to contact:

Michael Kjeldsen
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