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International Badminton Academy (IBA)

Denmark's long standing tradition for results in the badminton world means that it is the perfect place to develop one's skills in the sport.

Denmark has tournaments at all levels every second weekend throughout the whole season. Denmark also has many well-organised clubs, which provide qualified training twice a week.
At the same time, players can take part in team matches up to 14 times per year. Last but not least, the clubs are the perfect place to integrate socially into Danish life.

Therefore, a professional international training centre, IBA, offering eight weekly training sessions as well as professional advice and career planning, has been set up.

IBA's goal:
To give badminton players from throughout the world the opportunity to develop towards being amongst the best in the world using an individually tailored training system, using the experience of the Danish programme, acknowledged as one of the world's best. IBA's training programme revolves around the individual player; we develop individual solutions which suit each player and his or her future plans. IBA also provides opportunities to work towards club and sponsorship contracts.

IBA is for:   
Players from all over the world whose aim is to bring their standard of badminton up to the highest level possible. All players must have prior approval from their association in order to take part in IBA's training programme, as IBA strives to co-operate with associations to develop individual players' talents.

Training locations: Copenhagen, Denmark
- Badminton - Hvidovre Badminton Club, Copenhagen
- Strength training - Hvidovre fitness centre, Copenhagen
- Running - Brøndby forest, Copenhagen

All three places are located within a five kilometre radius of Copenhagen city centre.

Training schedule:   
Badminton: Monday to Friday mornings, five times per week
Strength training: Twice a week
Running:Once a week
Club training: Twice a week

Michael Kjeldsen, latterly Danish Under-22 national coach for five years and leader of talent development in Denmark. He has been working with the Danish elite players for several years and has considerable experience in club training at a the highest level. Educated at Aarhus university.

Contract period:   
One of the following options:

1) The player signs a one year, renewable contract. Fee: D. Kr. 50.000,-

2) The player signs a six months, renewable contract. Fee: D. Kr. 30.000,-

3) One month's training option, either as a training programme in itself or as a trial period to establish whether IBA is the right training forum for the player.

Fee: D. Kr. 8.000,- which is deductible from the contract price if, at the end of the month period, the player decides to sign up for the remaining contract period of either option 1) or 2) above.

Training cost:   
The contract fee covers the following:

- Eight training sessions per week (badminton training every weekday morning and
physical training three afternoons per week)

- Shuttles

- Fee for fitness centre

- Full training plan, consisting of

- Goal targeting;

- Tournament planning;

- Training plan together with required training programme.

The squad:   
A maximum of 14 players will be taken into the squad in the period 1st August 1999 to 31st July 2000.

Although no guarantees can be given, IBA will use its best endeavours to assist players to find accommodation in the Copenhagen area near the training facilities. An indication of the likely cost of different types of accommodation is given below (cost per head):

1. Two bedroom apartment: D. Kr. 4.500,- per month.

2. One bedroom apartment: D. Kr. 3.500,- per month.

3. Two sharing in a three bedroom apartment: D. Kr. 3.000,- per month;

4. Three sharing in a house: D. Kr. 3.000,- per month.

Club/Sponsorship: Again, on a best endeavours basis, IBA can assist players to find

- a club in the Copenhagen area near the training facilities, the skill level of which matches that of the player; and
- sponsorship contracts.

If any players are interested in studies combined with training this will also be possible.

For questions or futher information please contact the director and coach:

Michael Kjeldsen
Bakkevej 9A
2830 Virum
Telephone: +45 45411922
Mobil: +45 40521922
Fax: +45 45411922