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2009 Fajr Iran international

I had ''bye'' in the first round but already in the second round had to play the best Malasian player!!.

We had a very hard and long match. he was fast and quick on court like other east asian players.I started the macth very well with a good control and managed to make a make a good lead at 11:6 for me.the chalange for both of us was, who can take the attack first and get first at the net.I won the first set 21:15. There was a different story in the second set,where he control the match better than me and managed to take the attack. He won the second set 21:17. 

in the 3rd set I put all my effort to take the net and push him to the back line and get him away from the net but I went down to 10:6 for him.after that I played even more agressive and came back to 11:10 for me.from that point and on, I kept attacking and put him under pressure and after more than 1 hour of total play, I won the deciding game 21:15.

I can not hide it that I'm very happy with my performance

Third Round :

I was well prepared for my match mentally and physically and ready to fight.I was leading the first set up to 16:13 but once again I got too emotional after loosing 2 very important point.after losing the first set 21:18 I got my self together agani and had the full control of the second set,where I won 21:14.

In the deciding set once again I had an OK control of the match and for the most part of the set I was leading by 2 points up to 18:16 for me and then after having 3 match points unfortunatelly I lost 25:23.

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