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International Badminton Academy (IBA)


Newsletter week 35

The IBA has started its second year very well. Presently the squad is full with seventeen players signed up for the forthcoming season and in addition 3 players are on a waiting list. The squad is increased both in terms of quantity and skill level compared to last year. Most players have had a quiet summer with less badminton training and thus a possibility to visit their friends and relatives in their home countries respectively. During August, however, most players have returned to Copenhagen. So for the moment the following players take part in the daily training: Harriet Johnson, Alexia Davidopoulos, Nina Weckstrøm, Elisabeth Cann, Anu Weckstrøm, Dicky Paliama, Jim Ronny Andersen, Ville Kinnunen, Bob Milroy, Morten Ankerdal, Nigel Boyne, Ove Svejstrup, and Alun Biggart.
Another four players are expected to arrive during August, namely Pi Hongyan (China), Zvereva N. (Russia), Durkin Vitaly (Russia), and Pedro Yang (Guatemala).

Assistant coach, Lars Uhre, has completed an academic paper on the IBA, which is found elsewhere on this homepage. During the spring, most players assisted his investigation and now they study the outcome with great interest.

Of course the Sydney Olympics preoccupies the focus of the training for Anu Weckstrøm. She has played very well recently and continues her serious preparation in order to make a good result ?Down Under?. Other Olympic participants have used the IBA as basis for their preparations. Jyri Aalto of Finland and Maja Pohar of Slovenia have both had a two-week training camp here. The latter was accompanied by her brother Andrej Pohar, who will be her personal coach in Sydney. The IBA wishes the Olympic players the best of luck!!

In September a party from Portugal, consisting of five players and two coaches, will visit the IBA for a two-week period. Altogether it is a very busy period for players and coaches with hard training and a lot of meetings where the season is planned in terms of goals and schedules for tournaments. Furthermore, the first tournaments of the season are approaching in the next few weeks.

The IBA as Field of Learning Elite Badminton

This paper is a result of the seminar Sports Settings as Fields of Learning and Socialisation by Knut Dietrich. The seminar was held during the spring semester 2000 at the University of Copenhagen´s Institute of Sports Science. The paper will later be published in a revised form in connection with other works from the above mentioned seminar. Download paper- Word fil