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            The IBA Junior Summer Camps 2006

          • U15 & 1st year U17: Week 30(24th of July to 29th of July)
          • 2nd year U17 & U19: Week 31(31st of July to 4th of August)

          • Greve Badminton Club (12 courts, maximum 24 players per week)

            Training schedule:
          • Two on-court training sessions per day
          • One off-court training session per day
          • Mental training sessions, including tactical theory and video match analysis

            Camp Objectives:
          • To introduce a high level of professional training.
          • To educate on the knowledge of badminton.
          • To teach how to train with high quality and how to design a training plan.
          • To show the mental side of being a top player.
          • To educate about injuries and injury prevention.
          • To inform about nutrition and the importance of diet management.

            Camp Fees:
            The fee for the camp is 2500 Dkk, which includes:

          • Training and shuttles
          • 3 meals per day
          • Snacks after each training
          • 4 nights accommodation
          • Extra ‘fun’ activities

            Players should bring:
          • Badminton equipment
          • Outside running shoes
          • Sleeping bag and pillow(We will sleep in a big room at the second floor of the IBA training hall)
          • Swimsuit

            If you are interested or have any questions please contact Kaveh Mehrabi by email: or phone:+45 40932138
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