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IBA was founded in 1999 by the former Danish national coach Michael Kjeldsen.

IBA is located at Krauses vej 12 in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

IBA is easily accessible by public transport:

- Kastrup airport (CPH) is 20 minutes away by train.

- Nordhavn train station is within 5 minutes walking distance and train departures every 10 minutes. 

- A well developed bus network.

- Only 5 minutes walking distance to the physiotherapist.

IBA wants to give badminton players from throughout the world the opportunity to develop towards being amongst the best in the world using an individually tailored training system, using the experience of the Danish program, acknowledged as one of the world's best. IBA's training program revolves around the individual player; we develop individual solutions which suit each player and his or her future plans

The program that is tailored for each individual will contain:

Badminton training (which includes both morning training and evening training in a Danish club), an individual tournament program (could combine Danish tournaments with international tournaments) and a tailored mental preparation program.

The training atmosphere and focus at the IBA is having a mutual goal (being the best) and working and sharing as a team.

IBA has invested in an automatic shuttle-feeder which makes it the ideal for technical training and physical training.

It’s not only the training at IBA that makes it exceptional, but the Danish badminton culture plays a major role. IBA will help players to find a Danish club that suits the player’s level and will also be available as contractual advisor.

To participate at the IBA the players must have an approval from their national association as IBA cooperates with these to develop individual player’s talents.

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